Why give handmade gifts?

Why give handmade gifts?

January 25, 2021

Why give handmade gifts? - The Emporium - Buy Handmade - the home of handmade gifts in Northants
Why give handmade gifts? Gift giving has been a tradition for centuries, even in primitive cavemen culture, the giving of gifts was fairly common as it was used to show love and affection towards one another.

Over those centuries the reasons for giving gifts have changed from a thoughtful act to a necessary evil. This has happened as society has demanded a more instant response, negating the need for as much thought to be put into the choosing of the gift. This is ultimately why we should give handmade gifts.

Handmade doesn't mean the quality is compromised, on the contrary, a handmade gift is made with thought, care and attention to detail. It is this thought and care that manifests itself into a gift that is a one off. Even if you buy two the same, each will be slightly different.

Beyond the gift, like all great works of art, a handmade gift comes with a story. The story of the maker and their 'why' which enriches the gift and shows a level of thought that far outweighs any monies paid. 

So why give handmade gifts? Because both the giver and receiver are lifted through this simple act and a local maker or creator gets to do a little happy dance.

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